Catania Airport Taxi
Catania Airport Taxi
Catania Airport Taxi

Catania Airport Taxi

All The Facts You Need To Learn About Catania Airport (CTA) Taxis

Catania Airport has several modes of transportation. Besides the public bus or the car rental services offered by a number of companies found at the airport, a traveler can decide to use a Catania Airport taxi. Even if this mode of transportation is more expensive than the bus service, taxis have become quite popular especially with travelers carrying a lot of luggage. A taxi ride to the nearby Catania City takes approximately 15 minutes and a traveler will pay approximately 30 Euros. The taxi ranks are located just outside the arrivals area of the airport.

The Catania Airport taxi service is provided with the help of a radio call and all the traveler has to do is make a call and the taxi will come and pick him/her up. Even if these taxis offer a reliable service it is advisable for the travelers to ensure that they just pay a reasonable price. Legitimate taxis are normally colored white or yellow, they display the sign ‘Taxi’ on their roofs, and they also have identifying numbers on their sides.

A legitimate Catania Airport taxi should also have a meter which should keep running during a trip. This meter is usually what determines how much fare a traveler will pay. Even with the meter, a traveler should be aware that the charges of a taxi ride are not just limited to the distance. A taxi charges an extra 0.77 Euros for each item of luggage loaded and if you are travelling at night or on Sundays and public holidays you will pay an extra 2.07 Euros and 1.03 Euros respectively. An airport fee of 4.13 Euros is also added to the taxi fare.

In conclusion, a Catania Airport taxi provides a convenient and reliable mode of transportation. Many passengers reckon that these taxis are respectable and reasonably priced.

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(average charge – all included by a Catania Airport Taxi) From Catania Airport CTA.

Catania Cruise Port33 €4 km5 min
Taormina89 €68.4 km54 min
Syracuse85 €61.2 km42 min
Paterno50 €26.8 km27 min
Catania (City center)29 €7 km12 min


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€

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Frequently Asked Questions About Catania Airport (CTA) Taxis

Know Before You Fly 

Taxis that are authorized to pick up at the airport will be painted white and on the roof you’ll see “TAXI” written in large letters. Drivers are also required to display their license identification number inside their vehicles as well as the rear and on the doors.

Downtown Catania is about 4 kilometers (about 2.49 miles) from the airport.

Typically you should expect the journey from the airport to the city will take about 15 minutes, although it can be quicker during quieter travel times and longer at peak times like rush hour.

For a group of up to four travelers sharing the same standard taxi, the fare one way from the airport to Catania’s center should be between €25 and €30 during the daytime. This fare increases at night and on the weekends to about a €35 for a one-way ride from the airport.

You can get a taxi ride with either Tax Service 6811 whose website is and telephone number is +39 095 6188, or alternatively the other company is Radio Taxi Catania whose website is and telephone number is +39 095 330 966.

Yes, you should expect to pay €1 for every item of luggage that you need to transport in the taxi, and this fee will be added to whatever final fare you pay for the journey.

No, there are no local statutes or regulations that mandate you must pay a taxi driver for taking you from the airport to the center of Catania. However, if the driver provided you with a safe and quick journey then you should consider tipping a few Euros as a thank you.

If anything happened during your taxi ride from the airport that you would like to complain about, take a note of the taxi’s license identification number and then write the complaint, including that number, in an email and send it to

If you have prebooked a taxi from the airport to Catania but then have a flight delay, your taxi driver will have this information in real time and adjust the pickup to meet you later.

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