Catania Airport Transportation

Transportation from the airport

Catania Airport provides various options for travelers to access their accommodation from the airport. There are buses that are available to transport travelers to Catania City. The AMT Alibus leaves after every 20 minutes from the airport to the center of Catania and its surrounding areas. You can also rent a car from the airport and there are about 15 car rental companies that travelers can use. Taxis offer a convenient mode of transportation from the airport and it only takes 15 minutes for a taxi to arrive at Catania City. There is no train station at the airport. However, you will find a train station at Catania City from where you can travel to all destinations in Sicily and even to mainland Italy.

Catania Airport to Messina Port

Messina Port is considered to be the gateway to Sicily since it is located on the north-eastern-most tip of this Italian island. There are several prominent Italian historical figures who have called Messina home and many tourists come here to see these historical spots.

For tourists who want to visit Messina Port, there are various modes of transportation which include public means, taxis, and car rental services that have all helped make Messina Port quite accessible to travelers.

Public buses

There are several public buses that offer transportation from Catania Airport to Messina Port. Some of the buses leave after every half an hour for the port. The bus service direct from the airport to Messina Port will take around 90 minutes and will cost a traveler 4 Euros one-way. A traveler can buy the bus ticket from the bus station located at the airport. As an alternative, there are also local buses that leave from the railway station in Catania City and they take approximately 2 hours to arrive when they use the inner roads. A train is another reliable mode of public transportation that travelers can use to get to Messina. One can catch a direct train from the Catania Train Station. The train station at Messina is located at Piazza della Republica which is only 100 meters from the port.


Taxis are a popular mode of transportation to Messina Port Taxis and are widely available throughout Sicily. Although it is quite difficult to hail one on the streets, a traveler can either call ahead for a taxi or catch one at the taxi ranks located outside of the airport, the train station in Catania City, bus stations, or at the main city plazas. The cost of taxis is determined by the distance and the luggage one is carrying. However, travelers should take note that you pay for the whole taxi and not for the number of people that are in the taxi. Although taxis are the most expensive mode of transportation, they provide a door-to-door, convenient, and reliable service especially for travelers who have a lot of luggage with them.

Car rental

Another reliable mode of transportation is hiring a car from the car rental companies that are located at the airport and also all over Sicily. Sicily has well marked roads which are four to six lanes wide thus making driving quite pleasurable. However, make sure that you adhere to the traffic laws as they are taken very seriously in Sicily and you may end up paying hefty fines if you are found on the wrong side of the law. You can use the motorway A18 Messina-Catania instead of the toll-free roads for a much better experience.

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