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US citizens do not need a tourist or business visa to enter Italy for a period of 90 days.


Italy Tourist Visa

Applicants must submit the following documents (1 original plus 1 copy) :
Passport or travel document accepted by the Schengen countries valid for a period of 3 months beyond the applicant's last day of stay abroad. The passport must have a blank page on which the visa will be affixed.
In your passport, your complete birthdate must be mentioned: day, month and year.
Proof of permanent residence in the United States: U.S. Alien Registration Card or valid U.S. longterm U.S. visa. U.S. visas B1/B2 visas are not acceptable for this purpose.
Students must have a valid I-20 Form and exchange visitors a valid I-66 Form.
One recent passport size photograph (2x2 inches in size,full face,front view, color).
One application form completely and clearly filled out, to be signed by the applicant in the presence of a Consular Officer.
Proof of sufficient funds to cover the expenses of your planned stay: most recent bank statement(s) of saving, checking, or travelers checks in an amount of approximately $100 per day for the total number of days of your stay.
Employment verification:
Letter from employer, on letterhead, stating position, salary and that the vacation/leave has been approved. The letter must be signed and dated.
If self-employed: valid business license, certificate of incorporation, and latest tax return concerning business.
Flight reservation from travel agent.
The round trip ticket, plus one copy, MUST BE PRESENTED when picking up or mailing out the passport.
If it applies, present eurail tickets, car rental reservations, internal flight reservations.
If staying at hotels, present letter from travel agent or from hotel itself stating the reservation dates and confirmation number. (The name of applicant/s must be mentioned on the reservation.)
If you are traveling with an organized tour, present a letter from your travel agent stating that you are a member of the group, and a copy of the tour itinerary.
Proof of health insurance with medical and emergency coverage valid for the entire trip abroad. provide a letter from your U.S. health insurance company stating coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization costs and repatriation for medical reasons for your trip abroad (mention dates).
For insurance purchased only for your trip, provide letter or certificate from insurance company stating coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization costs and repatriation for medical reasons. coverage for medical expenses must not be less than Euro 30.000,00.
Required documents are submitted in two (2) sets - one original and one copy - since immigration authorities abroad can ask you to show the documents that were submitted to obtain the visa.

Within 8 days of your arrival in Italy you must register with the Police Department (Questura) and obtain the Permesso di soggiorno (Declaration of stay for foreigners). You must also show your health insurance policy that covers you for illnesses, accidents and, if it applies, maternity.
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